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Welcome to the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Application section of the Smart Watch Fun interactive 3D HTML5 website. SmartWatch Apps for the best selling Galaxy Gear SmartWatch will be posted here by June.

Our Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Apps are very affordable, costing less than ten dollars! Well, at least the ones that you will find on this website are affordable! We price our Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Apps at less than one dollar for SmartWatch Faces and SmartWatch Skins, less than three dollars for SmartWatch Games, Less than five dollars for SmartWatch eBooks, less than eight dollars for SmartWatch Movies and SmartWatch Television Shows, and less than ten dollars for SmartWatch Albums. Incredible Bargains are Here!

If you want to have our SmartWatch Development Team create a Galaxy Gear SmartWatch App for your corporation 100% from scratch, and which will works across one of the most popular (Galaxy Gear) SmartWatch Platforms (using Tizen), then you can drop us an e-mail at info@smartwatchfun when you are ready to create your app.