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Welcome to the Smart Watch Games section of the Smart Watch Fun interactive 3D HTML5 website. SmartWatch Games require an extra level of detail and optimization to work well on the SmartWatch platform. This requires that SmartWatch Developers have a unique "pixel-centric" work process and experience optimizing pixel-based assets that fit specific screen resolutions.

SmartWatch Screens feature a lower resolution, usually 240 to 320 pixels, rather than the normal 480 or 800 pixel resolution of a SmartPhone. For this reason, a SmartWatch Game Developer must be able to create graphics that are exceptionally clear and well-defined using only a few pixels for each of the SmartWatch Game elements.

We are developing SmartWatch Gaming Applications for clients for use on all the major SmartWatch platforms, including Android (Java) and Tizen (HTML5). Whether it's a SmartWatch BrandGame or a SmartWatch AdverGame, our display industry tried and true pixel optimization work process works equally well with Android SmartWatches or HTML5 SmartWatches.

One of the trickiest areas of SmartWatch App Development involves the area of SmartWatch User Interface Design. With a limited number of screen pixels to work with on most SmartWatch screens, SmartWatch UI Design must incorporate an all new level of clever UI design and programming techniques. SmartWatch User Experience is maximized by the optimal use of screen pixels, the proper UI design and the judicious use of the SmartWatch processor's (CPU) processing resources. If you need a SmartWatch BrandGame created from scratch which works across all of the popular SmartWatch Game Platforms (Android and HTML5) drop us an e-mail.